The Principal and the Vice-Principals are responsible for the discipline in the School, with the assistance of all the Xavier teachers.


Here, in Xavier, we believe in a value-based common discipline necessary for the smooth running of the school. Punctuality, neatness, uniformity of dress, courtesy, consideration for others and a co-operative spirit are insisted upon. We also encourage initiative and positive expression of creative energy. The aim is that self-discipline, to be of any positive value, should, by stages, become part of every student's personal equipment for life.


Freedom and autonomy are the basis of discipline. The students are left free to accept the atmosphere of the School, to learn in a free and cooperative manner. The School has no penal system for handling students who are found to be regularly uncooperative. Parents are simply asked to put them in another School which may be more suited to them. Freedom and its counterpart, responsibility, have to be learnt slowly and freely accepted, in an atmosphere in which students exercise judgement and make free choices about matters appropriate to their age and level of understanding. Students' mistakes are tolerated as part of the process of learning, but repeated misbehaviour against the spirit of the School and hindering other students from peacefully learning, is not tolerated, even if this causes pain to the parents of the stubborn uncooperative students.




The Principal reserves the right to dismiss, from the School, any student whose conduct is, in his opinion, against the good moral tone of the School. Immorality in word or deed, wilful damage to School property, grave insubordination, contempt of any authority, unsatisfactory progress in studies, lack of diligence or the use of unfair means in examinations, bringing in dangerous articles, callous attitude towards school regulations are sufficient grounds for dismissal. The Principal is the sole judge regarding the dismissal of a student. Parents, when they apply for their ward's admission to Xavier, are understood to have accepted the Principal's judgement in such matters as final and conclusive.


ABSENCE: All absence from School, even with prior permission, must be explained by the parent in the "Absence Record" page, found in this Diary, before the student is admitted into the class. If the leave is for more than 3 days, besides the note in the diary, a separate letter must be added and the same must be sanctioned by the coordinator.


An absence of 3 or more days, before or after a vacation, without prior permission, renders the student liable to have his/her name struck-off the rolls and to submit to a formal re-admission by paying a fee of Rs. 1000/- when he/she returns, provided his/her place has not been given to another applicant.


At the start of the academic year, the first day of absence will render the seat vacant which would then be allotted to another applicant.

A child is expected to be present on the last working day before every vacation and on the reopening day. Otherwise marks will be deducted from the terminal exam.

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