Administrator Profile

Administrator Profile

Governing Body of XITE

Fr. George Fernandes,S.J.  Chairman
Fr. C.L.George,S.J.  Vice Chairman
Fr. Kuruvilla.V,S.J.  Secretary
Fr. Savarimuthu,S.J.  Treasurer
Fr. Jerome Cutinha,S.J.  Member
Fr. Pius Fernandes, S.J.         Member
Fr. Francis Ezakunnel, S.J.  Member
Fr. Joseph Surin  Member
Prof. A.G.Castelton  Member
Sr. Pauline, CTC           Member
Fr. Anthony Raj.P, S.J  Member


Fr. Kuruvilla V.S.J. Chairperson
Sr. Pauline,CTC Secretary
Mr. Flavian Topno Educationist

Mrs. Jyoti Saluja

Mr. Ian Edward Brunton

Teachers’ Representative

Mr. Atul Saxena

Mr. Sameer Kandulna

Parents’ Representative


Babita Pandey
Assistant Librarian
F. Saloni LakraOffice Assistant Giddion James AthaideOffice Assistant Nishi KumariOffice Staff Shiv Prasad MahatoAccountant

Disaster Management Team 2018-19

In order to meet any emergencies a Disaster Management team is formed. The following are its members:


  1. Martin Kandeyang
  2. Ujjwal Mukherjee
  3. Pooja De
  4. DeepmalaJha
  5. Prabhash Cd. Jha
  6. Pravat Kr. Mishra
  7. TapanJyotiGorai
  8. Mary Lata
  9. Rekha Singh
  10. Shreyeshipyne
  11. Anjali Jhingaran
  12. SunitaKumari



The objectives of the Committee are :


  • Prevent discrimination and sexual harassment against women, by promoting gender amity among students and teachers.
  • Make recommendations to the Principal for changes/elaborations in the Rules for students in the Prospectus to make them gender just and to lay down procedures for the prohibition, resolution, settlement and prosecution of acts of discrimination and sexual harassment against women, both in the case of students and the teachers.
  • Deal with cases of discrimination and sexual harassment against women, in a time bound manner, aiming at ensuring support services to the victimized and termination of the harassment.
  • Recommend appropriate punitive action against the guilty party to the Principal.
  • The Committee will meet once in three months and maintain records and Minutes of Meeting.


Following are the members of this committee:

  • Nirmala Shukla (Chairperson)
  • Pauline, CTC
  • Nivedita Mahato
  • Rekha Singh


Child Protection Committee


  1. Pauline CTC -        Coordinator
  2. Pooja Dutta -        Secretary
  3. Diljeet Kaur -        Member
  4. Kusum Mishra           -        Member
  5. Prabhash Jha -        Member
  • The Child Protection Committee is formed to deal with all alleged cases of abuse of Children or young persons.
  • The members of this committee are appointed for a term of three years renewable at the end of the term.
  • The function of this committee is to ensure proper investigation of child abuse cases especially those of sexual nature involving children and young persons so as to verify guilt or innocence, to suggest penalties and provide advice etc. in keeping with the law enacted in our country.


Members of the X.I.T.E Society


  • George Fernandes, S.J. -        Chairman
  • C.L.George, S.J. -        Vice Chairman
  • Kuruvilla.V,S.J. -        Secretary
  • Savarimuthu, S.J. -        Treasurer
  • Hilary Lobo, S.J. -        Member
  • Bro Amalraj, S.J.           -        Member
  • Jerome Cutinha, S.J.           -        Member
  • Joseph Surin, S.J. -        Member
  • A.G. Castelton -        Member
  • Gautam Choudhury, S.J.           -        Member
  • Pius Fernandes, S.J. -        Member
  • Francis Ezakunnel, S.J. -        Member
  • Anthony Raj P, S.J. -        Member
  • Pauline, CTC -        Member


The role of the committee is to offer suggestions for the future development of the school and is advisory in nature. Its objective is to strive for greater cooperation between the staff, parents and the school management.

About us

Xavier School, Gamharia is a unit of XITE.

A Society registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Office : 0657 - 2333384 (Senior)
0657 - 2333376 (Junior)
Xavier School, XITE, Gamharia, Jharkhand,

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